“Shocking Truths: Demystifying Step and Touch Potential! Bunny Hopping to Safety in the Electric Wonderland”

Electrical Engineering is deep interesting once you fall in love with it. Today I am going to draw your attention and increase your knowledge on the very specific electrical terms called Step Potential and Touch potential. These two terms are very important to know irrespective of the field you come from as this is going to save your life if you fall in such situation. 

In order to understand step and touch potential, the basic knowledge that is “current flows from high potential to low potential”, and “the current flows through least resistance path”, are enough to understand. 

Step Potential:

Imagine there’s an overhead power line, and due to some accident, the wire breaks and touches the ground. Let’s say, at the point where the wire touches the ground (touch point), the electrical potential is 20 kV.

Now, let’s explore step potential:

    • Step potential is the difference in electrical potential (voltage) between two points on the ground when a current flows into the ground. In our scenario, the broken wire introduces electrical potential to the ground at the touch point.
    • Picture an invisible ring forming around the point where the wire touches the ground. This invisible ring represents the area affected by the electrical potential. The closer you are to the touch point, the higher the potential.
    • As you move away from the touch point, the influence of the electrical potential decreases. It’s like ripples spreading out when you drop a stone in water — the impact is strongest at the point of impact, and it diminishes as you move away.
    • In our scenario, if you step away from the touch point, let’s say 10 meters, the potential might decrease to 15 kV. Move another 10 meters away, and it might decrease further to 10 kV. This gradual decrease is the step potential diminishing with distance.

Understanding Electrical Shock Between Two Feet:

When there’s a difference in electrical potential between two points on the ground, such as in the case of a broken wire touching the ground, and a person is standing with each foot on different potential levels, it creates the risk of electrical shock.

Electricity tends to flow through the path of least resistance. If a person’s two feet are on different potential levels, current can flow through the body, and an electrical shock may occur. The body provides a path for the electric current to travel, potentially causing harm.

Bunny Hopping and Shuffling: Practical Safety Measures:

  1. Bunny Hopping:
    • Bunny hopping involves lifting both feet at the same time when moving from one place to another. By doing this, you eliminate the risk of having one foot at a different potential than the other. It’s like briefly “floating” to ensure both feet are on the same electrical level.

Note: Get at least 10 meter away from the touchpoint by Bunny Hopping. 

  1. Shuffling:
    • Shuffling is another safety method. Instead of taking long steps, take small, shuffling steps. This reduces the potential difference between your feet at any given moment, minimizing the risk of electrical shock.
                                       Fig(1): Step Potential


Touch Potential:

Touch potential occurs when a person touches an object or a surface that has a different electrical potential. In simpler terms, it’s the potential difference between the point where you touch and the ground.

Example Scenario:

Imagine you’re standing on the ground, and there’s a metal fence nearby. Now, let’s say there’s a fault, and the metal fence becomes charged with electricity. If you touch the charged fence, there’s a potential for electrical current to flow through your body, leading to an electric shock.

                                              Fig(2): Touch Point

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