“WhatsApp’s Secret Weapon: The Mysterious Profile Picture Update”


One of the best features of WhatsApp is its profile image, commonly known as DP or display picture. This feature has created such a buzz that there are numerous apps available in the market specifically for it. You can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube for creating great DPs. It’s a great feature, but it’s also heavily used. Meaning, anyone can save your profile image and then press the edit button. This can lead to various problems for users. But that won’t be the case in the future.  Actually, WhatsApp has put a brake on taking screenshots of profile pictures. Meta-owned messaging platform has started rolling out the DP screenshot blocking feature. However, the app has not officially announced it yet, but some users are noticing the feature in the stable version of the app.

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The feature to block DP screenshots has been floating around in the app’s beta version for quite some time. But now, many users are able to use it. Android Central has spotted this feature. According to them, if a user tries to take a screenshot of someone’s profile picture, a message will appear on the screen indicating that “taking screenshot is not allowed by the app or your organization”. Another platform, Android Police, has also spotted this feature in the stable version of the app. This means it’s not just limited to the beta version. Soon, all users will start getting the feature. It’s worth mentioning that the app continuously enables various features for user privacy. For example, a few months ago, the View Once feature also restricted screenshot-taking.

Now, with this feature also being introduced with profile pictures, users will certainly feel more secure.

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